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"Listening to your music transported me to another realm - a space where feeling and emotion aren't something to be scared of. I went way up the back of the room and really listened, not only to the words but the fragility and sense of frailty that your voice and instrument were making... what they were saying. It hit me straight in the HEART.

Your gentleness and delicate approach was so beautiful and poignant... like some other-wordly dog whistle that only people who are broken and frail can hear.

Your music matters. It has resonance & gravitas. You affected me and I'm not ashamed to say that I cried quietly when I heard your song, and I needed to cry because my life had fallen apart and I was in a million pieces. Take care - I love your music very much."

Audience Member - MUF 2012

"A Leonard Cohen-esque goddess. Her music is beautifully crafted... delicate and ethereal underpinned with a wry sense of humour."

Dean Denham - Melbourne Ukulele Festival

"Renee's arrival on the North Coast music scene last year was like a divine intervention from the recording angels. The audience goes into high emotional resonance (or giggling!) Her ukulele borne songs are sensitive yet uplifting personal yet poltical "

Rich Bell BAY FM 99.9

" Renee brings beauty , elegance and artistry to the stage... an absolute standout of our six years of folk club.
Her music is incredibly unique... you can hear a pin drop when she performs."

Michelle Nunan, Mullumbimby Folk Club